Sunday, July 17, 2016


It's been a long time since my last outfit post on my blog. Matter of fact, this wasn't even a planned blog post. It's one of those "spur of the moment" things. Story is...

After church, my sister and I went to the farmer's market. On our way home, we decided that since we were already dressed up, instead of wearing the usual pj pants and t-shirt, that we should find a place to have a photo shoot. I immediately thought of this bridge in our town by the highway. So, in the scorching 109 degree weather, that's exactly what we did. We parked the car off the road into the dirt, walked to the middle of the bridge, and began shooting away. I must say it was very awkward considering we had an audience. The audience being the people sticking their heads out of their car windows, people honking their car horns, and men whistling at us while blazing down the road. Never experienced that before. It was also very windy. Wind + unbearable heat = death. Not really, that's a a little extreme, but it was so hot that we actually had to stop our little photo shoot to head back to the air conditioned car before I passed out on the side of the road. But it didn't stop there. On our drive home, my sister and I forgot about the heat and decided to pull over again once we were in the neighborhood and took pictures in the middle of the road. That lasted about five minutes. The heat was real.

Now, the outfit. I wore this black cotton t-shirt with white trim and the expression "yay" on the side. I actually had just bought this shirt at JC Penny's the day before we shot these pictures. Had to wear it right away. When I saw it in the shop I immediately thought it would pair well with black eyeliner and some black jean shorts. However, after taking it home I realized how awesome it would look with black skinny jeans and white heels. Nothing looks better than a skinny jean and heel combo. Love the all-black look with the pops of white as well. The purse with me is my favorite vegan leather Gunas bag.
Outfit of the Day:
Eyeliner: Tarte Cosmetics
Shirt: JC Penny
Jeans: WetSeal
Heels: Boohoo (Product Unavailable)//Similar: TB Dress
Purse: Gunas

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