Sunday, January 11, 2015


This past Thursday, I made a post about my morning but I only really talked about the Starbucks part of it. So today I wanted to talk about the outfit I wore that day and about my hike.

After having a headache and feeling run down for the past two months, I was finally feeling good and wanted to go out and put on something other than sweats or pjs. My sister and I decided to get Starbucks in the morning and I think I ended up getting too fancy for coffee. This is probably my favorite outfit though. It's light and comfortable and I was perfectly cozy in 40 degree weather. 
I Am Wearing:
Top: Wetseal
Jeans: Love Culture
Cardigan: Love Culture (Similar)
Jewelry: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Black Boots

After coffee, my step-grandpa wanted to go on a hike by his house on Jack Rabbit Trail. My step-grandparents are the only ones that live up there, so it's a quiet place to take a walk through nature. And of course, since I already had my outfit on, I decided the go hiking in it, prom jewelry and all. Not exactly what you call hiking attire, but I did it anyway. Call me crazy.

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