Monday, May 11, 2015


Today is the day we ride the jet boats! We had to be at Jerry's Rogue Jets by 9:30am, which was hard when you're rounding up 30+ people. We went on the 64-mile excursion which lasted about 5 hours! So glad I wore sunscreen. We preferred to go on the 80 or 104 mile trip, which involved whitewater, but the 64-mile ride was obviously going to be the cheapest. Even then the 64-mile boat trip was still $50 per person!

Now that I've sat down and started typing this post, I've realized there isn't much to say about the boat trip other than it was fun and we saw tons of greenery and some wildlife. The boat cruised along the Rogue River and into Agness. We stopped there for a bite to eat at the Singing Springs, which has some good veggie burgers! We ate and then relaxed for about an hour in the shade before we went back out on the boat. Our driver would occasionally speed up and make full turns so that the water will splash up on us. I sat at the edge of the boat so I got pretty soaked by the end of the day.

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