Thursday, November 20, 2014


I live in a place called Hemet, a small town in southern California with nothing much to do. I've lived in Hemet about half my life, so I've seen all there is to see, eaten at all the restaurants, and been to all the stores. But one place I love to go to time and time again is Sprouts. Sprouts is a health food store, just around the corner from our house, that my mom, sister, and I love to go to, and it's where we get most of our food.

I love going to Sprouts because it's obviously filled with nothing but health food items, and the prices are cheap, so it's a great place to get started on a healthy diet. I also love Sprouts because the employees are so happy, ready to inform you on new items, and eager to let you try anything you want. A couple weeks ago, an employee cut open a passion fruit for us as he overheard my mother and I saying how we wonder what they taste like. I mean, he just came over, grabbed one, and cut it open for us to try! That's something that doesn't happen at WalMart. Turns out passion fruit is now my second favorite fruit, with red grapes being my first.

Some things I'm loving in Sprouts right now is all their fall and Christmas decorations and items. Their dark chocolate peppermint bars are delicious and their holiday candles smell divine, especially the sugar cookie candle! I wish I could eat it.

They not only have food but vitamins, protein powders, supplements, healthy cookbooks, and the like. Sprouts just fulfills all my needs as a "healthy-living" junkie. 

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