Sunday, August 9, 2015


A few times on my blog, I have mentioned that once I am finished with community college, I am planning on finishing my schooling at the University of Tennessee Knoxville's large animal vet program. Whether I will be accepted or not, I have no idea. But it has been a dream of mine for many many years. It would be a very smart idea to have a back up plan if UTK doesn't work out, but it's hard because it's the only place I want to go, or even imagining myself going. 

I have been to the campus many times and two Sunday's ago when we drove back to East Tennessee to drop off Kuyuki at hers and our mom's new home, we thought it'd be nice to visit the campus again. My father, as well as many other family members of mine, attended the University of Tennessee, and since my dad has not been in Knoxville in over 20 years, we figured it'd be nice to stop by so he could see the campus and see where he used to live and all its updated surroundings. He took a trip down memory lane and showed us the buildings in which he took classes, the flight of stairs he fell down one winter because of the snow, and the Krystal he spent many midnights at. 

Hearing all these stories and what an amazing 10 years he had while studying there makes me want to go to this school even more. And though I have visited the campus many times, I have never seen the animal science buildings and veterinary hospital, so we went there last and it made me so happy, especially to think that I could possibly be spending a lot of time in these buildings if I make it in. Fingers crossed!

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