Thursday, August 6, 2015


The day after we were picked up from East Tennessee to head over to West Tennessee, we took a trip over to Nashville to visit The Hermitage. The Heritage is an indoor and outdoor museum that allows you to walk through the 7th United States President Andrew Jackson’s home and grounds. Here you can view some of his, as well as his wife, Rachel's, personal belongings, such as rings, coats, hats, carriage, eyeglasses, journals, and more. There's even a locket of Andrew Jackson's hair on display. 

It was so neat to walk the grounds that the Jackson's themselves, as well as their slaves and farm animals, have walked on. We got to take a tour through both the Andrew Jackson and Tulip Grove mansions and it was very exciting to find out that about 95% of the furniture, including beds, tables, wallpaper, chairs, pianos, and portraits, are authentic. There was only a few chairs or so that were added in for further decoration. Unfortunately, photography inside the mansions were forbidden, but photography was allowed outside. There is even a graveyard surrounded by various species of flowers, making it a lovely place to walk around. Down below are many pictures of Andrew and Rachel Jackson's belongings, large lands once containing farm animals and crops, cabins the slaves were housed in, the front of both mansions, around the graveyard, and the entrance to the mansions.

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