Monday, August 3, 2015


As I said in my last post, my camera stopped working (still upset about that). I take my camera with me everywhere: the mall, restaurants, school, grocery store, friend's house's, travels, etc.. It sounds so dramatic, but with me not having a camera with me at all times, I feel pretty empty, lonely, and sad. I always carry it around and I love being able to capture what's going on around me. I sort of have a bad memory, so I love being able to look back years later and seeing everything from all the adventures I took to the foods I ate, and being able to look back to see how much I have grown. I have had about four or five cameras (my very first one was when I was 11), all of them never seeming to last me more than three years, but they have all become very dear to me and I have sort of developed a relationship and attachment with each one of them. 

Now that this is just getting weird, where I was initially going with this was that since I don't have a camera anymore for the time being, I have to use either my webcam, someone else's camera, or someone's Iphone. Two Monday's ago was our last full day in East Tennessee, so I spent the day playing Skip-Bo with my mom and sisters (you really should buy it if you've never played it. It's such a simple yet addicting game), swimming and tanning by the pool, watching TV and talking with my Memaw, eating tons of red grapes and rainier cherries, taking a whole bunch of random photos on webcamtoy, going out to dinner one last time with the family at Olive Garden (not as good as the one in Memphis though), and finished off the night by watching Hachi (aka the saddest movie I've ever seen). Kuyuki and I literally cry like babies. We went through a whole tissue box the first time we ever saw it. Now I know what crying a river is like.

The next day we were picked up by my aunt and grandmother on my father's side to spend a few days in the western part of Tennessee, close to Nashville. My dad and step-mom Michelle came to visit as well, so we stayed the next five days in a city called Adams. But more on our adventures there in another post.

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