Sunday, July 19, 2015


Dollywood's no Disneyland, but we certainly do have a ball whenever we go! Last week, I went to Dollywood with Brianna, Kuyuki, and our mom. Dollywood is located in the beautiful Smoky mountains and I love being surrounded by greenery every which way I turn! I have to say, it is such a pretty place filled with happy visitors and good times, but one thing is for sure...I CANNOT STAND THIS HUMIDITY!!! It was so humid, muggy, and hot, me and my sisters almost passed out a few times just from the time we left the car to the gates entering the theme park. I blacked out and fell to the floor but luckily wasn't unconscious for a few minutes like usual when I overheat. Since I was already feeling sick from the heat, I was scared for how I was going to feel for the whole rest of the day. Luckily it subsided after a while, and I loved the free ice water they had at every food court.

We went on a Wednesday, so there was not many people there, leaving us able to ride all the rides we wanted, however many times we wanted, without much of a wait! The longest we ever had to wait in a line was maybe twenty minutes, whereas normally we would have to wait an hour or so. My suggestion is that whenever you go to a theme park, go on a weekday if possible!

For food, we ate at a buffet called Aunt Granny's Restaurant. With Kuyuki and I being vegans, we were unsure of where to eat because everywhere we looked was BBQ ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken sandwiches, a pig roasting over a fire, and so on. So when we found this buffet, we figured there would be food for us to eat. We stuck to what we hoped would be vegan, such as roasted potatoes with bell peppers and green beans. The corn, cabbage, and a few other things we saw were soaking in butter, so we obviously passed on that. We also stopped by Red's Drive-In a little later to get fries. I didn't want any, so to pass the time instead of just sitting there doing nothing, I started acted weird and danced to the 50's music, which the waitresses got a kick out of! We also got high-fives from a bunch of random teenage boys running around the theme park to see how many high-fives they can get. They just hit one hundred when they got to us. It makes me so happy to see others happy. 

Now, what more is there to say? Well, we had lots of laughs, took loads of pictures, rode many rides, was able to see the fireworks at night, got good exercise from walking around, stopped inside some gnarly shops to look around and cool down, and indulge in some good family time and country music. Once we left Dollywood, it was raining and lighting, so we had a little show on the way home. 

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