Thursday, July 23, 2015


Here in Tennessee, it has been nothing but rain and storms almost every single day. Not fun when you're on vacation wanting to go cowboy tubing, swimming, tanning, visit museums, go on picnics, and just other fun stuff while on summer break. But on this one particular day, it decided not to rain! So since it was a bright a sunny day, we decided to head to Cades Cove!

Cades Cove is a place in the Smoky Mountains containing a lot of wildlife, wide landscapes, historic buildings, churches, and log cabins. It was so neat to see the log cabins. While walking and driving through there, I tried to visualize what life was like here from hundreds of years ago. The stairs in the cabins are also very steep. I definitely would have fallen off a few times if I lived there.

One time when we pulled over to take a picture of the landscape surrounding us, my sisters and I decided to take a little walk in the woods. I went full hillbilly status as I waked through the wilderness barefoot. After taking pictures on trees and such, we left as soon as I scared Brianna saying, "Imagine we're in one of those scary movies where a dead person just comes out of no where and starts following us." Smooth, Michaela...real smooth.

One of my favorite parts of visiting Cades Cove was walking in a river we found. Me, my mom, and Kuyuki got inside and the water was so cold! The rocks were also slippery from the algae coated on top, so we couldn't get very far. After taking a few pictures, we got out and I walked around barefoot again because I didn't want to get my sandals wet and have dirt stick to them. You can bet my feet were dirty by the end of the day. There's also a few waterfalls you can take a hike to go see, but my sisters didn't want to, so we skipped that. 

After spending a few hours in Cades Cove, and finding blackberries to pick by the cabins (don't worry, we rinsed them!), we went to Gatlinburg to have dinner and walk along the strip because Brianna has never been there before. But more on this in another post!

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