Monday, June 22, 2015


Yesterday was day 3 of our journey across America. We left the hotel around 11pm and stopped by a Pilot gas station at almost 1am for midnight snacks and drinks. I got a Dragonfruit Oolong tea, which had caffeine, so I didn't end up falling asleep in the car until almost 4am. I woke up around 6am and saw that we were pulled over on the side of the road. At first I was frazzled, wondering why were we stopped, but then I looked ahead and saw Brianna outside taking pictures of a "Welcome to Texas" sign. I put my sandals on, got out, took pictures of the Texas sign and ran down the freeway to get a picture of the "You Are Now Leaving New Mexico" sign. We also watched the sun rise while we were parked, which was really beautiful as the sky illuminated a bright orange hue.

Around 7am we started to get hungry, but we saw no familiar restaurants to chose from. For most people, this would not have been a problem. It's always nice to try something new, right? Well, not always, especially when you're vegan. With no way to look up what they had on their menus, it would have taken up too much time to stop by each restaurant to ask if they had vegan options. So we decided to keep driving until we saw a restaurant we knew. Well, around 8am, 10am, and even 12pm, already out of Texas and well into Oklahoma by now, we still came across no familiar restaurants! Around 1pm we reached Oklahoma City, where there were plenty of hotels to rest at and various restaurants to chose from! It was such a relief!

In Oklahoma City, we stayed in a Days Inn on South Meridian Avenue, which had the most comfortable beds ever! We unloaded the car, got situated into our hotel, and was off to eat lunch! We were so excited to eat at a Chili's down the road, but on our way there, we saw an On the Border, a.k.a one of our most favorite restaurants ever! We hadn't been to an On the Border in about 8-10 years because the one closest to our home went out of business. So naturally, we changed our minds and decided to eat there instead. Kuyuki and I obviously hadn't been there since being vegan but were super excited when we saw they had a Grilled Portobello Mushroom Border Bowl! We both ordered that, without the cheese, plus we added some of the Tableside Guacamole we ordered as an appetizer to our bowls. It was so good we saved some to heat up later instead of eating it all at once. It gave us something to look forward to later in the day. Funny how food can do that. If you're not a vegan, you MUST get their Kahlua Ice Cream Pie. It is literally the best dessert I have ever had in my life! My mom and I talk about how good it is all the time. Even when I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle and told my parents I am going vegan, one of the first things my mother said was, "Now you can't have the Kahlua Ice Cream Pie at On the Border!" My mother and I are so obsessed with it that she asked if I would forget about my vegan diet for a few minutes so that way we can eat one together. Of course I said no, but oh how I wish it was a vegan dessert! After lunch, we went back to the hotel and rested up until it was time to hit the road again around 11pm.

At the moment, we are in Memphis, Tennessee at another Motel 6 waiting to get dinner and are debating whether or not to go to Graceland later...but more on what we did today in tomorrow's post!

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