Thursday, June 18, 2015


Good afternoon everyone! Here with a final post on my Palm Springs trip. This day was a lazy one. We all woke up late - around 8am - instead of early like we normally do. While my step-mom and Kuyuki went into the lazy river one last time, my dad and I walked around the resort and took pictures. Brianna stayed in the hotel room watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame (Djali's the cutest!).

 Check-out time was 11am, so we packed our stuff, turned in our room keys, and set off on another trip to Whole Foods for breakfast. I'm really going to miss Whole Foods. We don't have one near Hemet. Afterwards, we jumped around many different stores on our way out of Palm Springs. First stop was the World Market. I have never been there before, so it was neat looking at all the food and products from around the world. We have a family friend that visits Gemany often and she always brings us back Kinder chocolates. We thought they were only in Germany but we found them at the World Market, which was pretty cool. Too bad they're not vegan. Those are so good...

We then went to Trader Joe's - another store we've never been to before because we do not have one by us. I didn't much care for it. It wasn't like Whole Foods or Sprouts. While I was there though I bought some of their Apple Fruit Bars. Afterwards, we went to Family Christian to look at bibles and other Christian books, then to Lappert's Ice Cream shop, and while driving to find a place for lunch, we spotted a Cancer Survivor's Park that we ended up stopping at to take pictures with the statues.

For lunch, we stopped at Native Foods Cafe for me an Kuyuki, which is a fully vegan restaurant, and Subway for everyone else. At Native Foods I got their Moroccan Earth Bowl and Kuyuki got their Bangkok Curry Bowl. Both are so delicious and I would buy them again, so I have no doubt that everything else is just as delicious. Check out their instagram to see how divine their food looks! After lunch, a man pops out his head from an Italian ice shop called Cactusberry and asked me and my sisters if we would like free samples. Of course we said yes, and there was two vegan options for Kuyuki and I to try: Tiger's Blood and Pineapple Delight. Both were so delicious I couldn't decide on what to get, but finally I decided on the Tiger's Blood, realizing on the way home I could have just gotten half and half.

After lunch, we finally headed home. It was a fun trip with definitely a lot of stops at Whole Foods! On another note, today is pretty exciting. My mother and Kuyuki are moving to Maryville, Tennessee, which is sad, but my other sister, Brianna, and I are staying with them until July 28! We're driving there, which will take about five days, plus we're bringing our cat and snake, so I must say it'll be an interesting road trip. Plenty of Tennessee posts to come!
Moroccan Earth Bowl

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