Sunday, May 10, 2015


"Out and about." That's exactly what we were. We had no real purpose to be out. We had no idea what we wanted to do or see. No plans. Just out and about.

Today started with a workout. Yes, I even workout when I travel! My brother does too. He always brings his gym bag (even when we travel by plane) filled with bands, gym clothes, dumbbells, and more. Sometimes we go on jogs, but today we just stayed inside and we took turns with his dumbells. So here I am, 25 pound weights in each hand, droppin' some squats while everyone else is taking their showers and making breakfast or some other random thing. It's a lifestyle for us. Gotta stay fit!

So after my little workout session, I had my own shower, ate breakfast, just the typical morning routine, and we were all ready to head out the door and drive around the town. It was actually quite a short trip. We drove not very far and found a place called Jerry Rogue Jets, where you ride a jet boat along the Rogue River. We stopped there to get more information and it seemed like a fun thing to do. We called everyone up back at the rental property and many people from my step-mother's family wanted to tag along too! So we made reservations for 30+ people and added that for our lists to do tomorrow. Beside Jerry Rogue Jets was the Mary D. Hume, a steam boat built in the late 1800's that is now sinking in the Rogue River - collecting moss and falling apart. All the while, I still think it's is a very intriguing thing.

To the right of the Mary D. Hume is the Patterson Bridge. We drove on the bridge to get to the other side of town and came across a Stray Cat Sanctuary. Now, I think this is adorable. The citizens of Gold Beach came together and built homes for the stray cats in the city. The cats even have toys and blankets and people come by each day to make sure they have food and water. We actually saw only one cat, but I'm sure on other days there are more. I love the idea of this outdoor sanctuary.

After leaving the sanctuary, we drove a little bit more and found that there was nothing else to see, so we came back to our rental home and relaxed by the beach again. Tonight, we're going to have a camp fire, which is always fun. We eat and sing songs while someone plays the guitar and just kind of have a bonding session.

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