Sunday, April 5, 2015


I love the feeling I get when I travel back home. Driving down country roads, getting to spend time with family so far away, and being surrounded with southern hospitality is always well appreciated. I am actually planning on moving back to Tennessee probably within the next two years. I've decided that after I'm done with community college, I want to attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (of course I have to get accepted first). My plan is to become a vet and I've had my heart set on UTK's vet program since I was probably 15 or 16. It's also nice that it's the college both my parents went to. It'll be nice if it all works out and to be back home. But for now, I'm just visiting.

So Saturday comes along and it turned out to be a full day: wake up, get ready, do last-minute packing, had a late breakfast at 12pm, left the house at 1 to get to LAX by 3pm, check bags, get tickets, fool around with luggage (you know, the typical airport procedures), took off at around 5:30pm, had a flight change in Arizona, and finally arrived in Nashville at 1am the next day. Of course after all this, a stop for food was in order and the only thing open was the Waffle House, and funny enough, I'm not a fan of waffles. Luckily there were other things on the menu. We sat and talked, ate our food, just had as good of a time as you can when you're half asleep, and finally left the place at 3am. We got to my grandma's house in Adams around 4am. So naturally when I'm used to going to bed early and rising early, and I didn't make it to bed until 5am (the time I normally wake up), you can bet I was beyond exhausted!! Not to mention my sleep schedule was off for a while.

Two hours of sleep later, it was time to wake up again to get ready for church. I was tired but I loved waking up in my grandmother's home. I hadn't been to this part of Tennessee in 10 years. Most of my childhood memories are from this tiny house so it feels surreal to be back. After church, I played Mario (you're never too old for Mario) and Just Dance with my cousins, went out to eat at Cracker Barrel, went on a walk, and just took it easy today.

I'll be posting again tomorrow, so check back to see what we get up to.

Love from Tennessee,

P.S...Happy Easter!

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