Thursday, January 8, 2015


Good morning everyone! Today started just right, in my opinion. I got up at 5am, had a workout, took a shower, had banana oatmeal cookies made yesterday so that this morning I could just grab them and go (which I'm glad I did otherwise I wouldn't have had time to make them), got to Starbucks at 6:30am to redeem my free birthday drink, hung out at Starbucks drinking frappuccinos and eating healthy cookies with my sister until we had to leave to take her to school, dropped her off at 7:20am, went to the bank afterwards, went on a hike with my step-grandpa, went to Farmer Boys, and got home by 12pm to make this post. It was a full but fun morning. My favorite was Starbucks. Drinking a soy gingerbread frappuccino in the cozy atmosphere of Starbucks, chatting, and watching people come in and out to get their take on coffee is my kind of morning. Plus watching the crazy stares we got as I randomly pulled out cara cara oranges and a cutting knife from my purse. You know...just makin' myself at home. Gotta get that vitamin C.

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