Sunday, December 21, 2014


A little story...This past Friday, my sister Brianna decided she was going to get a hamster. She has had her mind set on getting one for a long time but just hasn't gone in to get one. So after lunch at Red Robin, we went to Petco to look at their Teddy Bear hamsters. I personally like guinea pigs more because I feel you can interact with them better, so while Brianna tried to find her perfect hamster, my other sister and I went to look at the guinea pigs and ended up getting to hold them. Brianna comes over and wants to hold one too, so the three of us are huddled around holding guinea pigs and it was just fabulous. They're so cute! I've also never gotten to hold one until then and really liked how they just lay on you and let you pet them. Of course after this, Brianna had to go hold a hamster to make her decision. Both the hamsters she held tried to get away and with that being said, she went for the guinea pig.

Even though the guinea pig isn't mine, it was still exciting because the guinea pig that Brianna chose was the one I was attracted to and held first. Also, out of all the animals our family has had - dogs, cats, snake, turtle, chinchilla, fish, hamsters, iguana, birds, you name it! - we have never had a guinea pig.

On the way home, we all tried to think of a name for her and Brianna ended up naming her guinea pig Zoey. She's too cute not to share on my blog so...welcome Zoey! 

Isn't she the cutest? I love how her two left feet are dark brown and her right are light brown. Our cat has no idea what to think. He sits by the door and meows until we let him see Zoey.  By the way, CHRISTMAS IS COMING WAAAHHH!!! I'm so excited! Are you? I love the winter season in general. The fashion as well: the boots, hats, scarves, leggings, Christmas sweaters, everything! Even Zoey has a festive scarf to wear. I hope you've enjoyed these images. I'll talk on here again soon!


Friday, December 19, 2014


Yesterday marks the end of the semester for me! I have completed all of my finals, so I am officially done with this set of classes, and I honestly couldn't be happier. I feel I have worked harder this semester than any other year in school. Elementary school was easy. Middle school I didn't even really try. And in high school, the work came easy to me, so I would get straight "A's" without really having to study. Just do the work and nothing more. My first year of college, I didn't try either. But this past semester in college, I decided that college is a waste of time if I'm not going to get serious.  So this time around, I feel like I have been doing homework and studying nonstop. I've had to turn down my friends on numerous occasions when they've asked to hang out, just so I can get work done. Basically, I'm am so glad I have focused on my studies and can say I have a 4.0 GPA for this semester, however, I am glad I can finally relax for a month long winter break!

Moving on. I've recently started reading my father's book, A Christmas Treasury of Yuletide Stories and Poems. It contains many Christmas tales and poems by authors like Robert Frost, Charles Dickens, Hans Christian Anderson, J.M. Barrie, and more! It's a perfect read for the winter season, and it's fun to read this while sitting near the fire place in cozy pjs while drinking hot tea. Along with that, I have decorated the side of my dresser with a little "Charlie-Brown" Christmas tree, little reindeer figurines, and a snowman. The candle I have is Marshmallow Fireside from Bath and  Body Works (I have the mini one, but I can only find the larger one online - you'll want it though). It literally smells so good. I can't get enough of it. I am really in the Christmas spirit right now!

I've just realized that Christmas is only 6 days away! Are you excited? I know I am. I hope you have enjoyed this set of images and hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Every year, the ladies of our church organize a Christmas White Elephant gift-exchange party, just for the ladies. Everyone makes desserts and dinner, gets and gives gifts, share Christmas stories and sing songs. We all look forward to it and it's so exciting to see and 'hang out' with the ladies outside of church. It's honestly something I wait for all year. We go over to the same person's house every year and they just get the house done up so nice, with Santas everywhere, beautiful table setup and Christmas china - it's really festive.

With finals coming up, I only had time in between studying to make a dessert. I made funfetti cupcakes with mint green frosting topped with holiday sprinkles. I didn't have any but they looked so good! Everyone else enjoyed them though. I'm not too big on sweets, but I got enough sugar from my dinner. I had a spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette, strawberries, and feta cheese, along a sweet potato and apple casserole, which was absolutely amazing. I loved both of them so much, I went home and found recipes online so that I can make them too!

To the party, I wore a Christmas jumper my former dance teacher gave me, black shorts, leggings from, and black boots.

As for the gift-exchange, I got a lot of Christian books. I love books so I was absolutely thrilled. Can't wait to read them!

I don't know why the men at the church don't have a party for them as well, but they should start! I feel like these parties are so much fun and I encourage you to have one or go to one too! I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will talk on here again soon!