Sunday, July 3, 2016


Oh Universal I miss it so much! I am currently trying to save my money to go to Europe and am saying no to doing anything that costs money, however, when my best friend and I found out last December that Universal Studios Hollywood was building a Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening in April 2016, not only did we both freak (HUGE HP fans over here) but we also made plans to go to Universal Studios soon after it opened before I leave to go to Tennessee. So, this past June, we made our dream a reality.

My mom and sister Kuyuki tagged along too because not only are they big HP fans, but none of us have ever been to Universal Studios before, so it was really fun experiencing something new together. And I have to say, Universal Studios is now my favorite theme park besides Disneyland. 

The day started bright and early, singing to Ariana Grande and Disney songs the whole way there and getting lost in LA as the GPS wasn't working, so you know, that always adds to the adventure. Once we got to Universal Studios, we made our way through the Universal City Walk and had breakfast at Jamba Juice. I ordered an acai bowl without the honey, but they accidentally put honey on it, so they made me a new one and we were able to keep the other one for free for my mom. After Jamba Juice, we walked to the Harry Potter store and was in awe of all the HP merchandise. I also loved how they played songs from the movie in all the HP stores.

After spending more time in the HP store than we anticipated, we finally made our way to the entrance of Universal Studios. It was so thrilling going to a place I had never been before! I loved seeing all the characters such as Betty Boop and Spongebob, and going to Krustyland and La Tour de France, but my favorite parts of the day by far were when we were at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (literally the only reason we went anyway). It was so magical going to Honeydukes, Ollivander's, getting pumpkin juice, eating at the Three Broomsticks, riding both rides, walking through Hogwarts, and watching the Triwizard Spirit Rally performed in Hogsmeade.

I took pictures and vlogged the whole day through, until my camera died! Literally a vlogger/blogger's worst nightmare, but I still got a lot of pictures as well as footage you can see on my YouTube channel.

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