Sunday, June 12, 2016


The Long Beach Vegan Festival took place at Rainbow Lagoon Park on a bright and sunny Saturday. When I say bright and sunny, I mean just that. The sun was so bright and strong I got sun poisoning, sunburned skin, an infection on my head a few days after the festival because the sun burned through my scalp (my skin is sensitive anyway due to acne medication), and as if the day couldn't sound any worse, I even passed out while I was ordering a brownie sundae!

 While it sounds like I had a terrible time, I didn't. It was my first ever vegan festival and it was filled with lots of laughs, good music, and of course, good food. The food was probably my favorite part of the whole day. I kept ordering food from various vendors even when I wasn't hungry, because I mean, gotta try all the options! I got a churro cupcake kebab, mini tofu poppers with sriracha vegenaise, maccachino (one of my new favorite drinks) which is mixture of maca powder, cacao powder, cinnamon, and almond or soy milk poured in a cup of ice, a mini acai bowl with an acai energy drink, falafel with vegan ranch, warm brownie sundae, spinach pakoras, samosas, veggie coconut curry, and aloo matar. I wish I could have gotten the vegan pizza but it was closed before I could get any.

There was also cute roosters, goats, and pigs that everyone wanted to take home. Non-food related items that I bought was an elephant keychain and elephant shorts, natural soaps that smells absolutely divine and work great for exfoliaion, and french scrubs and shea butter. Check out my vlog on my YouTube channel to see the day in action and check to see if there are any vegan festivals in your area. They are so much fun and are a great way to try new foods and products.    

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