Sunday, January 3, 2016


My sister Brianna and I recently took a trip to Maryville, Tennessee to visit our sister, mother, and some of our other family out in East Tennessee. We were gone from December 19-31, and it felt as if it went by so fast! I had my mom get me some groceries one day while she was out and I never ended up eating any of it because I thought we had a whole week left when it was only a few days! I have no idea where any of the time went, but I do know that it was a blast jamming out to One Direction, singing the guacamole song, going shopping in Turkey Creek, playing Skip-Bo, laughing til we cried and couldn't breath, trying new vegan foods, going to the movies to see Krampus, having our annual Harry Potter movie marathon, having late night chips and salsa and dark chocolate binges, spending my first Christmas in Tennessee since I was about five years old, spending time with family I don't normally see, meeting my baby niece, among so many more fun things I got to with my family. My only complaint was that my luggage got "lost" on the way back to California, so I spent my new years worrying about all my stuff, only to find out that it didn't even arrive in LAX until the next day, so hopefully my belongings will be returned to me soon! I also wished it snowed. It was surprisingly hot in Tennessee! On another note, it feels crazy to think I will be moving to Maryville next summer! I haven't lived in Tennessee since I was little and it will be a nice start for me living somewhere new and hopefully it'll be easier for me to find a job out there. Also, I filmed videos, not everyday, but a few days that we were in Tennessee that you can watch on my YouTube channel!


  1. All the things you did & ate in TN are really great!! xx
    ps.I've been there, but wasn't able to stay longer since I was just passing by :(
    hope to visit there again!!

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

    1. Thank you! and I'd definitely go back if you ever get the chance! x