Wednesday, August 26, 2015


As you may know, my sister Kuyuki has just moved to Tennessee, and I am missing her terribly. Just now, I was looking through photos of us on my laptop and I came across this set of images that I have never shared on the blog. For Kuyuki's 15th birthday this year in May, we took her to Oak Tree Village in Oak Glen to visit their petting zoo. She loves llamas and we heard that they had some so we headed over there to spend some time with them.

It wasn't a very big place, but it was interesting since we've never been there before. It had cute little shops, a bakery, kittens running around everywhere, pony rides for kids, and of course, animals in the petting zoo. For $1, we were able to feed the pigs, chickens, goats, and llamas little pellets that looked like corn. When Kuyuki first saw the llamas, she was so happy she started crying! We took many pictures with them while dodging their spit and avoiding the goats. We loved them, don't get us wrong, but they liked to eat our clothes. One goat started chewing on my cardigan and one ripped our friend Missy's new dress. One thing that I thought was really cool was squirrels were coming up to us eating from our hands! We've never had that happen before. It was really cute and we loved how relaxed they were around us.

For lunch, we ate at a restaurant there called Apple Annie's. I got the veggie burger without the sauce and wrapped in lettuce. And I have never been to a restaurant before that does this, but they let you get seconds on any meal for free. So of course I could not pass up free food! I was the only one who ordered seconds, and ended up regretting it because I was so full from the first burger already. I managed to eat half of it, but I gave the rest to Kuyuki.

That was a fun day and I cannot wait to see her again so we can create more memories and have more fun together. Enjoy these images!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Today was my second day back at school and let me tell you, I am missing summer break so bad right now! It went by way too fast, no exaggeration either. Our month trip to Tennessee seemed like only a week long and after that it only felt like a few days had gone by and then we were back at school. And honestly, this entire year has gone by faster that any of my almost 21 years of living. The years see to be slipping away and going by faster and faster as I get older. But I guess that's all the more reason to enjoy and cherish each and every second.

This semester I am taking Biology, English, and Math, and so far Biology is my favorite class because it is my first science class in my three years of college and it is something I'll actually be using a lot with me becoming a vet. My English and Biology classes are on Monday and Wednesday, and my Math class is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which is good because ever since college, I have always managed to get all my classes in two or three days of the week instead of Monday-Friday like high school. But enough on that. Today I am back with a photo diary post to upload some pictures I didn't add in any of my other posts from Tennessee. With school back in session, I am having summer withdrawals and flipping back though photos reliving my Tennessee adventures is just what I needed. With that said, here are some more pictures from the trip!