Friday, May 8, 2015


Good morning from Gold Beach, Oregon! We got here around 8pm last night and it feels so good to finally be in Oregon after what seems like forever. Today as we're not doing anything but spending time with family and maybe visiting the nearby beach, I wanted to share some pictures I took yesterday from our little road trip from San Francisco to Oregon. 

So yesterday after leaving the Golden Gate Bridge, we continued our journey to Oregon. We drove out of San Fran, into the Redwoods and Crescent City, continued to Samuel H. Boardman State Park, and finally reached Gold Beach. When driving through the Redwoods we would pull over every now and then to get pictures of all the elk laying in the grass by the road, which was cool because that's not something you see in Southern California. In Crescent City, we stopped to get a look at the Battery Point Lighthouse. It was interesting to see because our family likes lighthouses, but what really caught my attention not the lighthouse itself, but a wooden statue of a mermaid nearby, carved using a chainsaw. She isn't very attractive, she's creepy actually, yet she was captivating somehow. 

On our drive we saw signs for the Samuel H. Boardman State Park, so we pulled over again once we got there, parked the car and went on a hike and walked around the woods. It takes us forever to get places because we want to stop at every little place to make the most of our road trip. Getting there really is half the fun!

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