Wednesday, May 6, 2015


It felt so weird, yet refreshing somehow, waking up in a different bed. I woke up startled at first, not remembering that I was in Chinatown, but then once I realized, I was ready to take on the day and see what San Francisco had to offer. I felt so small in this big city. The buildings are so tall and there are so many people. I had a little bit of anxiety though. The traffic is so congested, everyone's honking their horns, every time we needed to turn left we couldn't, every time we needed to turn right we couldn't, and we were just going around in circles. 

After escaping the city traffic, my step-grandparents and I gave Golden Gate Park a visit. I was so glad that hardly anyone was there. I felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. It was such a quiet and serene place away from the busy city life. We walked around the Dahlia Garden and through the Conservatory of Flowers, taking pictures and breathing in the scent of freshly bloomed flowers. While I am not a fan of flowers, I do believe they are photogenic. So you can expect plenty of pictures of flowers below! 

The Hagiwara Tea Garden was just down the street, so I of course wanted to walk around there. With only a short amount of time in San Francisco, I want to see all that I can see. The little bonsai trees along the sidewalk were so adorable. We walked through a shrine-looking entrance and was in awe of all the trees and shrubs. I wanted to look around more but it was $8, so we decided to save our money for something bigger we might want to do later. It is now on my bucket list for the next time I visit San Fran!

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